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TR Beadlocks HD Series won 10 points championships in 2013 makeing it the winningest wheel in off-road.  BITD Trick Truck, BITD Class 8, BITD Class 6100 (TT spec), BITD Stock Full, BITD ProTruck, SCORE Class 1, SCORE ProTruck, and three Class Championships across all Rock Sports.  HD Series Racing Wheels feature a 1" min hub area thickness,  fly-cut seat for 5/8" flanged lug nuts AND a 45 degree tapered seat for 5/8" tapered seat lug nuts.  Buggy Pattern wheels are machined to accept the 14mm ball seat lug nuts.  Inner liner valve stems are available by phone as well as flush inside stems for running tire balls.  Choose category below.
HD Series Pure Racing Wheels
17x8 5-205mm
Buggy pattern wheels in 5-205mm bolt pattern.
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